Saturday, 4 May 2013

Nokia Lumia 1220 - A look ahead (specs, features, design, release dates)

This article looks at the possible technical features, specifications and design of the

Nokia Lumia 1220

Nokia Lumia 1220
Specs, features, design, release dates
With an expected release date in the third quarter of 2015, the next generation smartphone Nokia Lumia 1220 will be a real game changer  Early rumors are going around that Nokia has serious plans to equip this Lumia 1220 with a truckload of new technologies including capacitive 5.2" AMOLED 3D Puremotion HD+ display (protected by Corning Gorilla glass), 6G internet networking, haptic screen and a whopping 8 GB of internal memory. The processor is said to get a processing power of not less then 2.5 GHz while we widely expect an internal storage of more then 128 GB.

Nokia Lumia 1220 design concept
The Nokia Lumia 1220 will run Windows Phone 9 (Windows Blue Mobile) and the smartphone will also feature Qi 2.0 technology (the second generation of wireless charging). Design-wise Nokia is going towards a "straight-lines" concept, and this will be incorporated in the Lumia 1220 design as well. Ut will most probably have no more casing edges on the sides. Only the top and bottom of the Nokia Lumia 1220 will have visible casing attachements.

The Lumia 1220 will most likely get a mini USB 3.0 port and is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication).